Quirky Perth

Elizabeth Quay

Perth is a small city of just over 2 million people and is the most remote mainland city in the world. Perth even has it’s own verb – to be “Perthed” means to either find a connection with someone less than 6 degrees away or to find simple things overly expensive, for example, meeting a random person at a pub only to discover you have friends in common or to spend $14 on an average pint of beer. If both of those things happened to you at the same time, some would say you have had the ultimate Perth experience.

In spite of it’s short-comings, I love Perth. Here we get to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, paired with about six months a year of sunny, warm weather. Due to our isolation, we are blessed with many species of plants and animals, unique to our part of the world. Perth also has lots of quirky things which gives it a lot of character. Like our “interesting” modern architecture and public art.