Origins of Quirky Events

I have always had an interest in large events and festivals.  I am drawn to the atmosphere and the good vibes – everyone is there to have a good time.  This, I find is unique when compared to other areas of life.  I feel it is important to enjoy life; and I make it my personal mission to do so.  By creating awesomely amazing events, I can share my good vibes with you!

Quirky Events comes from my dream to produce unique and fun social events and it is my passion to one day manage my own festivals. I started Quirky Events as an outlet to run my own smaller social events while I build up to that.  My background in hospitality management has given me my drive to always produce an excellent customer experience.

I also do PR, online marketing and event management for local bands, and had an involvement in Fringe Festival this year.  I have also planned and styled private events including engagement parties, bridal showers and milestone birthdays. 

Collage of Events Photos
A few events I have managed for Adam Hall
(photo credit: Maree Laffan – top left)

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